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Vacation Rental House Rules

Reservations To confirm a reservation, you will need to make an advance payment equivalent to the weekly or monthly rate for the house you will occupy. Reservation payments can be made through Paypal to account: Paypal can process your payment with a credit card or bank account.
Deposits For weekly rentals, an additional deposit of USD$150 is required; for monthly rentals, the additional deposit is $300. The deposit is paid when you reserve a house. Additional deposits may be required for special circumstances, such as to cover long-distance phone calls, or during peak season (Cervantino Festival in October).
Check-in process To complete check-in, you will provide your passport or Mexican ID, and provide emergency contact information, in case we need to contact relatives or friends on your behalf.
Payments Subsequent payments are made in cash (US dollars, Euros, or Mexican Pesos) at check-in time. Payment rates in Euros or Pesos are calculated at the "sell" rate of the Banco de México on the day of payment. Advance and subsequent payments can also be made through Paypal to account:
Credit Card payments through PayPal If you wish to pay with a credit card, you can process the payment through PayPal. If you don't have an existing PayPal account, follow this process: 1) go to, and click on the "Send Money" tab. 2) fill out the small form: in the "To:" field, enter; the "From" field will contain your email address; enter the amount you are paying and mark the "Service/other" category; press the "Continue" button. 3) On the next page, you will fill-out the form with your name, address, and credit card information and choose a password. 4) Press the "Agree & Continue" button, and follow the instructions to complete the payment.
Check-in time Normal check-in time is 2:00 PM. If you are arriving earlier than 2:00 PM, please advise us so we can accommodate you until your house is ready.
Check-out time Check-out time is 11:00 AM. If you are leaving later in the day, we can store your luggage for a few hours.
Late arrival Since all houses require an advance deposit to reserve the house, your house will always be held for you.
Late Departure Since your house must be cleaned and prepared for the next guest, you must vacate by check-out time. If you wish to stay additional days, please notify us as early as possible; we will do our best to accommodate you or find similar accommodations nearby.
Airport Transportation Transportation to-and-from the airport is available at the airport; go to the official taxi stand after passing through customs. In Guanajuato, any street taxi can take you to the airport, or we can call for the airport taxi service. The cost is usually around 400 pesos.
Rental House Cancellations The cancellation period for a full refund (minus any processing fees) is the length of the period you are reserving, with a 60 day minimum (for reservationsof less than 60 days), and 3 month maximum (for reservations of more than 3 months). If your cancellation is within a period less than that described in the sentence above, we will prorate and refund your deposit (minus processing fees) if we are able to rent the house that you had reserved for the period of your reservation. This longer cancellation period is needed because of the longer lead time for renting the houses.
Damages and loss Your vacation house may be decorated with fine handcrafts and antiques, some which cannot be easily replaced. If you damage the house or decorations, or remove items from the house, you will be required to pay the estimated replacement cost.
Lost keys You will be provided with keys to the front entrance to the house. If the keys are lost or stolen, you must notify us immediately of the loss, so we can replace the locks. You will be charged for the cost of lock replacement.
Safekeeping of valuables Each house contains a mini-safe - you should store your passports, visa, extra money and credit cards, jewelry and other valuables in that safe. Do NOT change the combination of the safe; if you forget the changed combination, the safe may have to be destroyed to open it. We change the combination between each guest, for added security.
Drinking water Filtered drinking water is provided in each house kitchen. Filtered water should be used for teeth brushing as well as drinking.
Smoking Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the house, including in the patios, roofs and terraces.
Pets Pets are not permitted anywhere in the house.
Phone calls Local and long-distance calls can be received at the house phones, if present: Alhóndiga house: 473 732-8296;
Long Distance Long distance calls can be made by use of purchased telephone cards, that are available in the Oxxo and Extra stores.
Internet access Internet access is provided through the house computer. There is a "guest" account for your use.

Wireless G Internet access is also available for guests that bring their own laptops. Ask the hosts for the WEP key.

Computer use Because of the problem of viruses, adware and spyware, downloading of programs from the Internet is not permitted on the house computer.
Laundry service Each house contains a washing machine and iron. Clothes can hang to dry on the roof.
Parking Alhóndiga House: There is no convenient street parking in the neighborhood. Free street parking may sometimes be found above in the Bajada de Gavilanes, and in the subterranean roadways below the Plazuela de los Angeles and the Callejón del Beso. Pay-by-hour parking is available in the subterranean below the Callejón del Beso in the El Patrocinio parking lot; current rates are 10 Pesos per hour or fraction. Ask your hosts for directions.
What to bring suggestions Summer: a lightweight bathrobe. Winter: heavy, warm bathrobe. Rainy season: ankle-high plastic shoe covers and umbrellas. All seasons: shower shoes, fitted and comfortable walking shoes, polarized sun glasses, sun hats, alarm clock.

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